I am just a girl trying to be fit, healthy and happy. My motivation comes and goes so that's why I have a tumblr. My UGW is just to be healthy and the best that I can be. I sometimes reblog random things to distract myself from thinking about yummy delicious unhealthy food!

got my new bikini in the mail today!!!!!!!! (:

Those who say it can’t be done should not stand in the way of those doing it. #fitspo #igfit

Seriously trying to balance this all right now  x_x

Ok here, I finally got time to screen shot my main playlist for when I’m running!I have the weirdest taste in music ah!

yeahhhh buddddyyyy, finally made some kind of graphic :D
Give it a try and if it isn’t hard enough, I’ll create another with more and other ab workouts! Sorry they aren’t proper names but I think they make sense this way


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Girls girls girls do this!!! This is the workout that helped me to get rid of alot of the lower fat… if you are like me and end up rolling around :D put your hands into a diamond shape and put it under your butt to stop you from rolling, try it i swear you will see results asap 


Get your ass to the gym!!